Meet The Physicians of Southwest Orthopaedic Group

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The surgeons at Southwest Orthopaedic Group are highly experienced, board certified orthopaedic surgeons with extensive clinical and surgical expertise. 

• Arush K. Angirasa, D.P.M. 
• Brian L. Sullivan, M.D. 
• Manish V. Patel, M.D.
• Michael M. Albrecht, M.P. Aff., M.D.
• Nicholas F. Tsourmas, M.D. (Retired)
• Stephen M. Norwood, M.D. (Retired)


Orthopaedic Patient Education

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Learn more about orthopaedic procedures and anatomy in our educational area. View our library of orthopaedic patient education animations and print brochures.

Orthopaedic FAQ

• General Orthopaedic FAQ
• Orthopaedic Surgery FAQ
• General Surgery FAQ
• Common Injuries and Conditions FAQ

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    Wartime experiences not only affect the military personnel and their loved ones, but the physicians and medical teams who treat them. As a tribute to injured troops and families, civilians and the orthopaedic surgeons who are caring and have cared for them, the AAOS is seeking entries to a unique juried art exhibition: Wounded in Action: An Exhibition of Orthopaedic Advancements in Art. A cash award will be given.

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    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has created a comprehensive, interactive site about KNEES! The new Save Your Knees Web Site ( is full of multimedia information focused on knees: keeping knees healthy, exercise, common knee problems, injury prevention, treatments, including non-surgical and surgical options and more.

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    Do you, or your patients, have a account? If so, get ready to get up, get out and get moving! A free AAOS application, available for download on Facebook, Get Up! Get Out! Get Moving! Let’s Exercise!” encourages users to enables users to get healthy, strengthen bones, encourage participation in the game of life, and help spread the message about exercise and strong bones around the world.

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